Here is a brief explanation of how to use these online maps to benefit the most from their features:

Each location on the map is marked with an icon/locator which has a rollover (mouse-over) feature.

Some of these icons also have a window enhancement (the icon is usually larger and the name in the index is in blue).

To explore Hawaii using TGI maps, first select an island. There is an overall island map for each island and detail maps for the busier Regions. If you are looking for lodging (and don't know in which region you wish to stay), select the Lodging category (by clicking the Lodging button at the top) and you will see an alphabetical list of Lodgings currently located on the map; when you select one of these, you will be taken to the region of the map where it is located and a flashing arrow points you to the exact location of the selected lodging. For all other categories, select the Region (by clicking on the Region button at the top), then the category (from the buttons listed along the top), then the place you wish to find. The flashing arrow directs you to the selected place.

To quickly move around a region or the whole island, you can click on any area of the small navigational map and you will immediately see that section of the map.

The "print" feature allows a high resolution version of the map to be printed (in black and white or color) with only those locations selected in the first screen.